The History of Stowers Farm

Shannon Stowers Goines

How We Got Started

We decided to turn this into a business after many friends and relatives kept asking us if they could take pictures here, have a reception, a birthday party or a wedding. After several years of this, I, the owners’ daughter, decided I would like to manage the property as a venue.

One of our ancestors received a land grant in Wilkes County for service in the Revolutionary War, and his son was a merchant and began trading with natives and settlers living in the Cherokee Nation in what is now Dawson County. That son met and married a local Cherokee Indian princess, daughter of the Chief. The chief gave the newlyweds between 2,000 and 5,000 acres of his land as a dowry. The land and the potential for farming and business were so good the son moved his entire family to the new lands. In the late 1830s the government forced the Indians off the Nation, took over all the land without compensation to the non-Indian owners, forcing our ancestors to buy back part of the property they could afford.

After the War Between the States the family prospered in mining, farming and transportation, permitting them to purchase more of the original land. Most of those lands have been sold in the past 100+ years. However, the property containing many of the original buildings remain in the family and have been restored to now what is an outdoor wedding venue in Dawsonville, GA.

Thomas and Rebecca (Palmour) Stowers

1st Generation

Thomas and Rebecca established the farm in 1826. The original log home remains on the property.

Charles and Minnie Stowers

2nd Generation

Charles is the son of the original founder, Thomas Stowers.

1904, Outside their new home

2nd Generation

Green and Lilla Stowers

Green was an older son of Thomas, a brother to Charles, and is my great-grandfather.

Photo is from 1938, Atlanta Constitution Article

Read the article here.

Green and Lila Stowers, 1938

Hugh and Inez Stowers

3rd Generation

Hugh is one of Green’s sons, my dad’s father, and these are my grandparents.

Fred and Dru Stowers

4th Generation

Fred is one of Hugh’s sons. These are my parents!